Holofote Busca Bright Star RC3800 NiteTracker®

2 Milhões CD

Bright Star
Product Description (Descrição do Produto)
The NiteTracker®Line, designed for home use, is perfect for boating, emergency roadwork, camping and hunting. Features include built-in rechargeable batteries, momentary trigger switch and AC/DC chargers. The Nite Tracker® 2 million Candlepower Spotlight illuminates 40 times brighter than automotive headlights. Operates from its own rechargeable battery. The perfect light for your car, boat, or truck.  Can be recharged from any 110V AC or 12 V DC source.

  • Produces Intense 2,000,000 Candlepower Light Beam
  • Computer Designed, Precision Machined Oversized Reflector - Concentrates Beam
  • Impact and Weather Resistant Polypropylene Case
  • Pistol Grip with Slip Resistant Finger Scallops
  • Dual Operation - Operates From 12 Volt Power Source or Internal Battery
  • Dual Recharge - 12 Volt DC Charger and 120 Volt AC Charger
  • Momentary Contact / Lock-On Trigger Switch
  • Hyper Halogen Bulb
  • Rubber Charge Jack Cover
  • Key Ring Eyelet
  • Shoulder Strap Tabs
  • Easy, Drop In Battery Compartment
  • Patented Trigger Guard
  • Mounting Nut
Specifications (Especificações)

Light Output: 2 million Candlepower
Power Source: Sealed Lead Acid Battery, 12 Volt, 2.8 Amp Hours 
Hyper Halogen Bulb: HH-455, 12 volt, 100 watts, 150 hours
Unit Weight: 3.88 lbs (1.98 kg) 
Average Operating Time: 10-15 minutes continuous light